is a creation of accomplished landscape photographer Daniel Rose. Born and raised just minutes away from the battlefield, Daniel spent hours and hours of his youth exploring the dozens of square miles that comprise America’s most important historic site. Later, he honed his artistic eye and photographic skill shooting environments of all kinds, all over the country. Now, as the creative mind behind, Daniel applies three critical elements to depicting the hallowed ground at Gettysburg: the mind, memories, and understanding of a native of the Gettysburg area; familiarity with the historical events that shaped the most important three days of the 19th century; and the eye of a skilled and accomplished photographer.

Whether through the archive of unique images he shares with Gettysburg lovers everywhere, or through a specially-commissioned work created just for you, Daniel’s work will capture your heart and memory. If you have questions, comments, or requests, please click “contact” above and share your wishes with Daniel today.